True Love Activation

3 Day Live Intensive

Sedona, Arizona
February 16-18, 2024

Attend this event if you want true love in your life... Forever! Faster! and Finally!

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Are you ready to finally get the true love you deserve in your life?

Are you ready to activate your love life?

Some people have no problem attracting love, a relationship, and commitment. Sadly in today’s world, living a life filled with love is more difficult than ever before.

The reason is that some people are naturally activated and vibrating with love, while most people are not.
Join us in Sedona, AZ, for 3 incredible days of love and immediately begin attracting the love you desire into your life for an incredibly loving relationship.

On February 16-18, I personally am going to give you something that will draw you and your true love irresistibly together, and it doesn’t matter if you know them or if you have never met them.

It doesn’t matter what is separating you right now. It doesn’t matter if you’re gone through a divorce.

After attending this 3 Day intensive workshop in beautiful Sedona, AZ, you will automatically attract true love at a staggering speed.

Once you go through our 3 Day intensive program you will begin to vibrate at the frequency of love. You will receive:

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True love activation will change your entire life.

Ask Yourself These Questions About Love...

Then join us February 16-18, 2024 in Sedona, AZ and prepared to be attuned and activated to the vibration of love.

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Enjoy 3 glorious days in beautiful Sedona, AZ. Join others from around the world who share the same desires and dreams.

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Join World Class Mentors for this 3 day intensive to bring incredible love and abundance to your life!

Unlock Your Magic To Begin Seriously Living The Life You Want With Robert Zink

I personally will guide you to a special place where love fills up every corner of your life. During our time together you will learn the secrets to having the deep love you desire. At the end of our work together each day, I will perform a unique love activation attunement. By the end of our time together you will be fully activated to the vibration of love & abundance.

Rachael Zink - True Love Activation Mentor

Singing Bowl Tapping - A Heart Of Love With Rachael Zink

This unique in person experience will combine the power of vibration with the physical experience of tapping. You will transform your energy field to overflow with love.

Sara Reinhardt - True Love Activation Coach

Heart Brain Coherence With Sara Reinhardt

Your heart has a measurable magnetic field that extends 3 feet. You heart also has memory and emotions. Discover how you can expand your heart through the power of your mind.

Geraldine Convento - True Love Activation Mentor

Unlock The Power Of Your Relationships With Geraldine Convento

You are the sum of the 5 closest people to you. You can use your relationships to make your dreams or they can break your dreams. Discover how to unlock your full power and potential through the relationships that you keep.

How to attract your perfect partner and become magnetic for the right relationship With Agne Lecocq

Agne will show you how to break the pattern of toxic and unfulfilling relationships and align with the perfect partner that you truly desire and deserve. No more ghosting, cheating, disrespect, and painful breakups. Get it right this time and connect with the most loving and incredible person. Learn to thrive in love. Manifest everlasting relationship with your soul's partner

Sheena Sha - True Love Activation Coach

Get The Love Life You Want With Sheena Shah

5 Magical techniques to attract an unbelievably loving relationship. The secrets you will learn and the meditation you will do will absolutely change your love life.

Viki Cantrell - True Love Activation Mentor

Re-Attracting Your Significant Other With Vicki Cantrell

There are 5 Special Techniques used to shift your vibration in to one that will re-attraction you Significant other. Bringing someone back into your life is easier than you Realize. Find out how to have the relationship you desire.

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Are you ready to unlock the ultimate power that can transform every aspect of your life? Welcome to the life-changing experience of “True Love Activation” – a remarkable live 3-day event with Robert Zink & other world-class coaches that will guide you on a profound journey towards unlocking the key to limitless abundance, thriving relationships, radiant health, and deep healing. Prepare to immerse yourself in the heart of Love and witness the incredible shifts that will reshape your reality Immediately.

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Do you really need true love activation?

If being with the one you love or your soulmate is a priority to you, then the answer is yes!
Of course, you can keep buying books, listening to podcasts and doing everything you have been doing up till now.
Make plans now to attend True Love Activation February 16-18 in Sedona, AZ with Robert Zink
Activate the magnetic force of the Universe that always brings you:

Love is the answer!

Activate your true love and expect to live the life you deserve.
Remember you will also receive 3 Zoom sessions (once per month) to help you ensure you manifest what you want!
VIP members will receive 9 Zoom sessions (once per month).
Limited Seating. Make Your Reservations Now
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Event Access + Bonuses

Participate and Get Coached by Robert and Rachael Zink
$ 2,497 One-Time Fee
  • Front Row Seating
  • Event Admission
  • Printed Workbook
  • Morning Coffee and Tea
  • 9 Live Q&A - Held monthly starting in March 2024
  • Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Lunch and Dinner with Robert, Rachel, and Team
  • 60 Days Free to


Event Entry + Workbook

Follow Along & See Robert and Rachael Zink Speak
$ 597 One-Time Fee
  • Event Admission
  • Printed Workbook
  • Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Morning Coffee and Tea